Sunday, October 26, 2008

MIA is back and better!

Lol...infact loads and loads of laugh, not at you but at myself.

Wondering i suppose, i guarantee you its not koloqualism.I just realized i needed to laugh about everything.I remember three weeks ago, i was so mushy,gushy and depressed over my sexily beautiful man.Well guess what, i haven't met anyone yet but i think i have gotten over him.

Well i kinda got naughty before getting over him though and the whole episode went down like this:

After my interestingly depressing episode which lasted for days, i decided to heed ya''ll advice about not contacting him or trying to avoid any associations that reminded me of him.It was damn tough but i stuck by it.I concentrated on things that were work related....oh this point i couldn't completely delete him,his memory was ever lingering and loiting around somewhere with me,yet i concentrated on the alterior goal which was to get over him and move on.

Three long weeks have passed and candidly i actually decided to put myself to the test to really verify my state with him,how wise this is i am not sure but at the end most def, my curiosity was satisfied.

I called for a booty call and he gladly succumbed. i was shocked at the same time happy cos i knew i was gonna get me some of his sexy self.The meeting was intense, at first i was really nervous,got of by rambling and saying things i would probably be saying in my head out of my mouth.Sha the long and short was that, we got to some sheet rumbling like Redsapphire would  say. It was the same and for a few minutes i thought i had gone overboard and back to the same cycle.But alas, once we went our seperate ways, i couldn't believe the withdrawal i started experiencing on my own part.I took a good look at him and realise he was just like any other man i had met, with no speciality attached to him, infact some annoying habits might i add.

Its amazing what we are blinded to when we are dating someone,but the truth is when it all comes down to it and to the end, we realized it was nothing afterall.That was what i experienced and i am sure it applies to every.

I have finally gotten over him and his sexiness, i believe i deserve better and more and i most certainly will meet that person soon enough.

Thank you all for the encouragements, i have been delivered of a huge burden.


Tigeress said...

congratulations!! :):):)

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Im glad you are finally over him
Hope you do meet someone 100x sexier so that u dont have to keep sheet rumbling wih the X
It's not a great reciepe for moving on successfully.

~Sirius~ said...

Yaaay! typical male to respond to a booty call, Mchewww!
So now it's off to test the waters init?.......goodluck girl!

Padosh said...

This might seem weird but i love ur playlist, its a perfect compilation of my fav songs....., BTW love ur blog!!!

Padosh said...

I think i know the feeling, same fucked up feeling had me driving past a particular road way off my route just to i could drive past his house and see his car outside wen it was obviously over ( u see my madness pass ur own). Its like the flu...,let it run its course something will make u snap out of it soon and it seems it has. My reality check was one day i was passing there and the road was blocked so i had to turn back...,dat was the last day i drove past his house. Be strong sister!!!!!!!

ibiluv said...

glad to know you got over him
i particularly like the fact that you got over him after a little sumthing sumthing.......*wink*

stay u babes
the one for u?
shall not pass u by..........

~Sirius~ said...

anybody hoooome!